WEB 2.0 Assignment
Letterpop is a website that allows users to create newsletters, presentations, invitations, classroom newsletters, holiday letters, club updates, collages, and much more. Upon creating one of these publications, users are then able to mass email those newsletters to a wide variety of people/students. The effectiveness of the website is soley dependant upon how much your students use their email, and requires users to have all email addresses from those individuals.
One of the best features is the wide variety of templates built into the website that provide for a variety of effective eye-catching newsletters. A draw back might be that users can use trial offers, but are limited to how many newsletters or publications they can create, as well as how many people can receive the publication.

I plan to use it in my classroom to keep students and parents informed of what we are doing for the week. Also, I would like to try and use it with my football team to remind them of important off-season dates and weight room hours.