Interactive Algebra Tiles

Lesson Plan

Title of Lesson: Solving Addition and Subtraction Equations (Mini-Lesson)
Date: October 17, 2008
Timeframe of Lesson: 1 class period (48 Minutes)
Author(s): Cliff Goodacre Jr
School District: Lomira School District
Campus: Marian University – Fond du Lac
Subject Area(s): Mathematics - Algebra
Grade Level(s)/Course: 8th Grade

State Standards

Subject Specific:
B.8.7: In problem solving situations, students will be able to select and use appropriate computational procedures with rational numbers using technology.

F.8.2:Students will work with linear and nonlinear patterns and relationships representing them with algebraic expressions, equations, and inequalities.

Stated Objective(s)

Students will use equation mats and algebra tiles to model solving equations.

Procedures for Lesson

1) Warm-up Activity: Review of the previous day’s lesson – Writing Equations
2) Introduce Solving Addition and Subtraction Equations
3) Explain how algebra tiles can help
4) Proceed to Computer Lab to work on Interactive Algebra Tiles websites for interactive use in the classroom.
5) Ask students to share what they thought about using algebra tiles compared to the websites.

Assessment or Evaluation

Continually monitor student progress in the computer lab. Ask for volunteers to show answers and processes to the entire class.
Assignment Pg. 127: #’s 1- 8 all


Pgs. 131 – 134 #’s: 16 – 50 evens, 58-61, 67, 68, 72, 78
This assignment will allow them to continue to explore the Interactive Algebra Tiles Website
Algebra Tiles Website, Alternative Algebra Tiles Website

Technology Resources:,

Other Resources: Glencoe Mathematics, Algebra 1 book