Assignmnet 2

My 5 AHA Moments
What a creative way to help each other out and tour everyone's Wiki sites. I found this activity to be very insightful as there is so much information out there that I know I wouldn't have been able to find all of on my own. I did capture some "AHA Moments".

1) Abbey Wright had a link on her Wiki to an article that shares some math applications for the iTouch. I was looking for some useful, free applications and these apps seem very appropriate.

2)There was an amazing site on Nicole Splan's Wiki, "Top 50 iPhone Apps for Teachers". You can download a graphing calculator, and many teacher tools that keep you up-to-date on current events.

3) I liked Sarah Hartgerink's Wiki and her set up on her home page. There are a lot of links there for students to follow...I wonder if she uses this in her classroom?

4)There was a website, "Learning in Hand," on Todd Wright's Wiki. This website provided many uses of the iTouch in a classroom for teachers. From podcasts, to photos and web apps. Looks very practical and useful once I become more comfortable using the iTouch.

5) I must admit, that I don't use my Wiki as much in my classroom as I'd like to. My school is going to a blog for teacher websites. I do like how Brad Thomas has his Wiki very organized for students to use. Seems very easy to navigate through.