Assignment #1

1) Pros and Cons of iPods in School
This article gives some very good pros and cons of using iPods in school. Both student and teacher perspective are looked at in order to gain information as to the debate of iPods in the classroom. Some of the cons are very logical, i.e. student downloads at home may be inappropriate for school. The pros provide very good evidence as to how students can show their individuality in a classroom.

2) iPods in a Classroom: My Observation
A different perspective to look at the iPod classroom debate as a college professor observes a preservice teacher and notes his observations of iPods being used in a classroom. Some good evidence to support the use of iPods in the classroom; two top students using an iPod during a lecture to be less distracted. The article is also followed by some interesting discussion and comments.
3) New Strategy for Middle School Engagement: iPods for All author of this article describes how a K-12 school in Chapel Hill, NC is trying to raise money to provide ALL students and teachers with an iPod. The article discusses why it is important for ALL students to have the same advantages as other students, as well as the practical uses in the classroom. It also discusses how the school board feels about the situation and why some money should or shouldn't be spent on iPods.

4) 100 Ways to Use your iPod to Learn and Study Better
As most people think of iPods they think of music, but this article describes the many different uses that are practical for iPod users. From podcasting, tutorials, and applications and downloads. The article actually provides 100 links to various websites that users can view to find the uses for their iPod. The article seems to organize the information very logically and easy to navigate through.

5) An iPod in Your Classroom Toolbox
This link is not so much for an article, rather a tutorial that a media specialist put together that includes uses of an iPod in the classroom. The tutorial provides many links to sites that have audio books, online book catalogs, how to use the iPod voice recorder, and many more. I didn't find this article to helpful being a math teacher. I would imagine it would be more beneficial as an elementary teacher.

6) Apple iTunes for Education
This is an interesting article that relates to how colleges are now using iPods on campuses to record lecture series, and announcements. Stanford University actually has it's own iTunes store for registered students and faculty to use on a daily basis. The article talks about the strong ties that Apple has to education and the role that iPods are beginning to play in schools all over.

7) Learning Math with Music
As with any subject, music can be a helpful tool to acquiring new information. This article talks about how a math teacher encourages students to create rythms and beats to help learn basic math skills. Students are allowed to take home iPods and become familiar with math facts. Very interesting article that shows how useful iPods can be in every classroom.

8) MathTutor
This site offers many little clips related to different math topics for students to download to their iPod and view the mini lesson. There are not many tutorials offered, and most seem to be for the upper level math classes. The two tutorials under Algebra seem to be practical and usefull for advanced 8th grade students.

9) What do students think about using iPods in Math Classes?
I noticed this website listed a couple of times from other students and viewed that it lists a bunch of student responses from students that had a teacher that allowed them to use iPods in their classroom. The article not only talks about what students liked about using the iPod in math class, but what else could have been done better. I especially like this list because it will be helpful to remember some of these ideas when I start to use the iPod in my classroom.

10) iPods in the Classroom Project
This article comes from Cave Creek School District in Arizonia. They have received a grant to implement the use of iPods in the classroom and have begun to incorporate professional development days to help teachers understand the uses of iPods in a classroom setting. It also includes many lesson plans and folders to search for iPod information.